How sleeping with her favorite porn star made Tracy Clark-Flory appreciate the distinctions between fantasy and reality


via Wallenrock and shutterstock/salon

Porn can be such a great topping for your sex life sundae. It can make masturbation more fun, give you ideas of what you want to do with a partner and sometimes it’s purely entertainment (search ‘porn bloopers’). But a lot of the porn you see on bigger porn sites is made with a very specific formula. And one of the possible problems of watching porn is that you might assume it’s a literal demonstration of what sex is.

It’s not. It’s a fantasy about a sexual encounter, and those are normal. The long and short of it is that porn is so fun because it’s a fantasy, and sex is so great because it’s really happening to you.

Tracy Clark-Flory, a staff writer for had the experience of sleeping with her favorite porn star in real life.

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