Take My Online Course “Mastering the BJ: Interactive Skills”

I have been so busy in the last year working on a project that I hope you’ll enjoy! I teach a class at Self Serve Toys in Albuquerque, NM called “Mastering the BJ: Interactive Skills”

It is one of the most popular classes we offer, so I figured it’s about time to have this class online so we can share the love with everyone who isn’t able to attend an in-store class. So, without further delay, here it is via Vimeo!


Just got mind-fucked by this video

Check out this video from Leonida Pictures. It’s weird, it’s sexy, probably a little offensive, and I loved every second of it. I hope you do too. Hooray for great websites like Vimeo for hosting this content. Also, another great website for anyone who likes my blog is Sex + Design.

Enjoy, and happy Tuesday.