Self Serve’s review of Tenga’s high-tech male masturbatin toy, the Flip Hole

“It’s like an obstacle course for your penis, which is a good thing.”

I think it’s quite unfortunate there aren’t as many masturbation toys for men as there are for women. There is an irrational stigma against male masturbation that portrays it as gross, or creepy. Well I and many other sex-positive people want you men out there to know that masturbation is not creepy or gross.

Some sex toy companies are trying to change that stigma. And the very smart people in Japan at Tenga have developed some really excellent male sex toys. Not that there aren’t already sex toys out there for men, such as the Fleshlight. But men’s sex toys need more variety. Some people like to fuck a toy that looks like a vagina or an anus, and some guys don’t get turned on by the jelly imitation toys. Tenga is filling that niche of guys who want to masturbate with more than their hand, but don’t want something that looks like a pussy or an asshole.

Check out this article on about the rise of male masturbation toys. Don’t worry boys, soon enough you will have a plethora of pocket pussies to choose from, and more! And don’t forget about your good friend in the rear, your prostate. For lots of guys it makes ejaculation more intense. And there are already a variety of prostate and anal toys out there for you to try. Don’t be shy.

Here is a review from Self Serve in Albuquerque of Tenga’s Flip Hole.



Beating it has never been better

I know it’s a little early for Easter present ideas, but this is definitely the kind of egg I would want in my Easter basket. Tenga is the Japanese company that makes the egg-shaped toy. It says it’s a masturbation tool, but it works great with a partner too!

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In case you’ve never used a masturbation sleeve, they are generally a piece of soft, flexible rubber that have diverse tactile designs on the inside to increase the sexy sensations for whoever is using it. Add a little lube and you are ready for a stroking, I mean striking good time.

Since I don’t have the proper genitalia to be on the receiving end of the toy, take it from this WordPress blogger who reviewed  a different Tenga toy. If you are the one stroking your partner, take comfort in the idea that it can be just as much a turn-on for you to know you are pleasing your sex partner.