The value of dirty thoughts

Mind before matter is an appropriate saying for this post. If you want to have more sex, a good way to start is to think sexy thoughts throughout your day.

Bachelor Girl (1954) ... How the Vibrator Came...

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One Catholic reconciles religion, sex and birth control

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Don’t diss it if you haven’t tried it.

That’s one message I came away with after reading Jo McGowan’s piece on But McGowan made several other interesting points about the birth control debate in the Catholic church. She herself is a Catholic and thinks the church’s stance on birth control is an example of juvenile thinking.

“One of the surest signs of youth—in any profession—is an unswerving adherence to literal interpretations,” she wrote. “New teachers cling to the curriculum, whether or not the class is getting it. Young doctors focus on the clear x-ray, unable to see the patient in front of them writhing in pain. Parish priests preach the letter of the law, while their parishioners refuse to follow rules created without reference to the reality they know.”

Another interesting point she made is that  one of the church’s major priorities is for you to procreate, which starts with sex. It’s crucial for people of faith to learn about sex and how it plays a role in your life and how it affects each person.

“It is unsettling when men who may never have experienced sex feel qualified not just to speak about it but to pronounce on it with certainty,” she wrote.

Each woman should decide for herself when she wants to have a baby.

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Something you might not know about cock rings

I work at a great sex shop in Albuquerque called Self Serve. Everyday I’m there I learn crazy/awesome/weird new things about sex and I hear lots of interesting stories about customer’s  sex lives. I also hear some of the common misunderstandings about sex and sex toys. Cock rings are one of the toys people are most confused about.

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If your interests include bikes and porn, check out Bike Smut

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Bikes and sex-positive smut are two of my favorite things too! Few things are more important than sex and transportation.

The Oregon-based group Bike Smut is at it again with their new film-in-the-making “Bike Smut 6: Turning Trixxx”

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