Zoning Regulations Cock Block Sex Shops in Santa Fe

Santa Fe’s less-than-friendly zoning regulations make sexy business in Santa Fe hard, and not in a good way.


Santa Fe is home to hundreds of art galleries, restaurants and other businesses that keep locals and tourists happy, healthy and entertained.

Yet the city is lacking diversity in one industry: sex.SexEd MAIN.widea-adult-biz

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How politics and sex mix well

Awesome NYC-and Seattle-based sex shop Babeland created a ‘bipartisan’ vibrator to make this election year ever more exciting!

If I were you, I would think about Christine O’Donnell  or Michelle Bachmann while you use it. Then maybe post some pictures to Rick Perry’s Facebook wall, just so he can get a good look at what your vagina’s up to, because he seems to spend a lot of time thinking and legislating about what you should and shouldn’t be able to do with it.

Here is the post from gothamist.com about the new toy,


NYC-based sex shop Babeland is launching a new toy into the world: the Bipartisan Bunny. This is for both conservatives and liberals, coming with two different modes, red and blue, which are pre-programmed with very different sayings. Such as:

  • Drill, Baby, Drill
  • Oh yeah, baby, just like a filibuster
  • I’ll make you scream louder than a Fox News talk show host
  • Occupy me
  • We can do this together, yes, we can
  • A little more to the left, oh yeah, there, that’s it

The toy will be in their shops next week, selling for $114.40. And if you aren’t satisfied with the sayings, there is also voice-recording capability, which means you can record some of your favorite political commentators on television. C’mon, you know you always wanted to hate-f*ck Shep Smith.