Have you Heard of Sex Nerd Sandra? Go! Listen!

I know I’ve posted about Sex Nerd Sandra on here before, but her work and podcast are soooo good, I want to make sure you all know about her. Sandra Daugherty is the host of Sex Nerd Sandra podcast on Nerdist.com.sandra2

Sandra is smart, curious, funny and real. One of my favorite parts about working in the sex education realm is watching and listening to people feel comfortable being themselves. It’s not something only sex ed peeps do, but people in general. When people feel comfortable being themselves, they can make some beautiful, honest work. And that is what Sandra does on her podcast.

One of my favorite parts about the podcast is that Sandra lets loose and allows herself to be goofy, shy, flirty, questioning etc. All those things that many people are afraid to be in a public space, such as a podcast. Mad props!

So that’s it. Go… listen… learn and have fun learning!