Safer sex — It’s kind of big deal

Communication can be tricky. Check out these sample conversations on how to make those “awkward” exchanges easier,  from Scarleteen.

Check out the video below for some very important tips on effective condom use.

Click here for a quiz that narrows down birth control options that might work well for you.

And here is a great idea from Sex Nerd Sandra. Come make your safer sex kit at Self Serve.



If you’re in Albuquerque and need to get tested, check out the Stanford Clinic on the University of New Mexico’s North Campus. The majority of their services are FREE. Click here for a PDF of their offered services. You can call them at 505.841.4100 or visit them at 1111 Stanford Dr. NE.



And finally, have a little fun with this Human Sexuality Map. Try it with a partner for some stimulating conversation.


This is a Godsend. I bet Jesus was like, ‘That’s a great idea Ben Pawle!’ Because Jesus loves safer sex too.

Since I’ve been on a condom kick lately, let me tell you about the HUGE news for safer sex. Ben Pawle designed a condom wrapper for people with hemiplegia, a condition that leaves one side of the body paralyzed.

Little did Mr. Pawle know he was creating a product that thousands, maybe millions of people have fantasized about. The condom wrapper is designed with a perforated seam on the middle of the wrapper, so the user can snap it between his or her fingers. No more tearing the wrapper with your teeth or fumbling with lubey fingers (you should always use a dab of lube on the inside and outside of condoms because it decreases the likelihood of them breaking, not to mention it feels amazing!).

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HPV vaccine, lube make sex safer

Human papillomavirus is just as much of a concern for men as it is for women, according to a study published on Oct. 3 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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