‘Sex Out Loud’ with Tristan Taormino

Tristan Taormino award-winning author, columni...

Tristan Taormino award-winning author, columnist, editor, sex educator, and porn director. Taken at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto, ON, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t tell you all the ways I love the work that Tristan Taormino does. Now you all get to love her too on her new radio show “Sex Out Loud”

The show will take calls from listeners as well as host special guests to discuss a range of topics from BDSM to polyamory. The show airs on Friday at 8 pm EST but you can listen to older shows here. It’s great to have yet another sex-positive, educated person talking about sex, culture, politics and other important topics that many radio and TV shows don’t touch on.

The show is hosted on VoiceAmerica, so go check it out. You just might learn a thing or two.

A toast to monogamy

Sex advice columnist, journalist, and newspape...

I am a fan of diversity. So if you want to build your relationship around you and one other person or you and multiple other people, as long as everyone knows about it, I think that’s awesome. But here’s a shout-out to good ol’ monogamy.

This post is from the Seattle newspaper the Stranger, where Dan Savage (co-creator of the ‘It Gets Better’ project) runs his sex-advice column. People write in questions and he answers them.  This is from the Savage Love Letter of the Day.

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