La belleza en todas sus formas! Beauty in all its forms!

El Proyecto NU retrata la belleza natural de miles de mujeres. Cada cuerpo es un buen cuerpo

The NU project portrays the natural beauty of thousands of women. Every body is a good body

Estos son algunas de las fotos y testimonios del Proyecto Nu.  Here are some of the photos and testimonies of the project.

Safer sex just got sexier

The FC2 condom is a great alternative to the male, aka external, condom. The FC2 works for both male and female bodies, and it is often used for anal sex.
Have you ever used an internal condom like the FC2?




Safer sex — It’s kind of big deal

Communication can be tricky. Check out these sample conversations on how to make those “awkward” exchanges easier,  from Scarleteen.

Check out the video below for some very important tips on effective condom use.

Click here for a quiz that narrows down birth control options that might work well for you.

And here is a great idea from Sex Nerd Sandra. Come make your safer sex kit at Self Serve.



If you’re in Albuquerque and need to get tested, check out the Stanford Clinic on the University of New Mexico’s North Campus. The majority of their services are FREE. Click here for a PDF of their offered services. You can call them at 505.841.4100 or visit them at 1111 Stanford Dr. NE.



And finally, have a little fun with this Human Sexuality Map. Try it with a partner for some stimulating conversation.


PornHub turns your porn viewing into charity

PornHub is a porn site. So they know how much people like breasts. They get to see how many people each day search for videos that feature breasts on their site.  With that knowledge, the website has decided to do something about making breasts healthier.

Rake Magazine (January 1962) ... The $100 USB ...

Rake Magazine (January 1962) … The $100 USB Stick Your Boss Can Use To Find Your Porn — Why is pornography a problem in the workplace? (April 7, 2011) … (Photo credit: marsmet522)

During the month of October, the site will donate 1 cent to a breast cancer research charity for every 30 videos viewed from the ‘big tit’ and ‘small tit’ categories.

PornHub has not made it clear on its website to which  charity they will donate.

The move is likely to get a lot of attention based on a report from

“According to Pornhub, the site gets on average 70 to 90 millions (sic) viewers per month on the ‘small tit’ and ‘big tit’ categories, so yeah, you do the math. We’re too busy looking at porn.”

I wish the porn on PornHub was of a more consistent quality, so peruse at your own risk. But hey, no one could blame you because it’s for breast cancer research!

If you want to check out some high-quality, woman friendly porn, check out Self Serve’s selection of rental and sale DVDs.

My favorite lady pornographer is Erica Lust. She is amazing.

Click here to start your boob quest.

Research: Three-ways promote safer gay sex due to negotiation

AIDS Awareness

AIDS Awareness (Photo credit: sassy mom)

Gay three-ways might help inhibit HIV transmission because of increased negotiation before the act, according to a study presented at the AIDS 2012: XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC in July.
Researchers were from San Francisco State University, Columbia University and the University of California – San Francisco.

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