So what is pansexuality anyway?

If you’ve heard of the term pansexuality, but don’t know what it means, check out funny, informative sex vlogger Laci Green for a great explanation.

One of my favorite moments from this video is when she reminds us that labels have as much power and significance as we give them. Do or don’t label yourself, your sexuality and gender as you please. But be open and understanding to other people who aren’t in your head, you might have to patiently explain to others who don’t know what that label means.

The only way people will become more comfortable with the spectrum of sexual and gender identity is if they know more people who identify as the various identities.

Pansexual Pride Flag.

Pansexual Pride Flag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And if you’re someone who is curious about someone’s identification, be thoughtful and kind when you ask questions. Ask questions in a way that doesn’t make that person feel shamed or threatened. Use “I” statements and come from a place of genuine curiosity instead of judgement. Just because you don’t understand it right away doesn’t mean it’s wrong and that someone else can’t identify as that.

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