How to use a cock ring on Self Serve TV

I’ve made my YouTube debut, holding a dildo no less! What else did you expect from me? Anyways, here’s a short instructional video on how  and why to use a cock ring. I hope it helps you in your sexual adventures.

On Acid and Sex

Have you ever wondered what sex on psychedelic drugs is like?

This is an enlightening essay on about one man’s journey on acid into sensuality and sexuality. It was all in the name of science!


senses (Photo credit: joaoloureiro)

Not only is this essay well written, in my opinion, it also talks about one of the best tips for adding sensuality to your foreplay and sex life in general.

“What I quickly realized — and I’m sad to say I hadn’t known it before —  is that any part of the body can be made love to. I found that by rubbing, kissing, and sucking first on the side of S.’s leg, just above the knee, and later her neck, I could create the most intense feelings, both for her and for me. In my mind, I really felt as if I was interacting with her genitally, and later, S. told me she felt like she had a second pussy!”

I think their experience points to a very important idea in sex, that many of us skip over — we think it’s all about the genitals.

Sex is so many things, and based on this account, it was a profound sensual and arousing experience.

Also, now I know what a perfect mathematical center orgasm is!

But seriously, read this, and enjoy it!

I Did It For Science: Sex on Acid By Jack Harrison