PornHub turns your porn viewing into charity

PornHub is a porn site. So they know how much people like breasts. They get to see how many people each day search for videos that feature breasts on their site.  With that knowledge, the website has decided to do something about making breasts healthier.

Rake Magazine (January 1962) ... The $100 USB ...

Rake Magazine (January 1962) … The $100 USB Stick Your Boss Can Use To Find Your Porn — Why is pornography a problem in the workplace? (April 7, 2011) … (Photo credit: marsmet522)

During the month of October, the site will donate 1 cent to a breast cancer research charity for every 30 videos viewed from the ‘big tit’ and ‘small tit’ categories.

PornHub has not made it clear on its website to which  charity they will donate.

The move is likely to get a lot of attention based on a report from

“According to Pornhub, the site gets on average 70 to 90 millions (sic) viewers per month on the ‘small tit’ and ‘big tit’ categories, so yeah, you do the math. We’re too busy looking at porn.”

I wish the porn on PornHub was of a more consistent quality, so peruse at your own risk. But hey, no one could blame you because it’s for breast cancer research!

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Breast cancer awareness gone wrong

Pink Ribbon Inc. investigates commercialization of the breast cancer awareness movement

Tonight the Guild Cinema is having its premier showing of Pink Ribbons, Inc., which is a movie about the commercialization of the breast cancer awareness movement as well as the exploitation of human generosity.

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