What does Healthy Look Like?

What does healthy mean to you?

Redifining Body Image is dedicated to helping people of different shapes and sizes feel comfortable in their skin. Continue reading


The Best Comic Ever – Oh Joy Sex Toy!

Oh Joy Sex Toy is a comic-style review of sex things, including toys, porn, birth control and more! I love Erika Moen’s voice, style, creativity and honesty. Please consider donating to Erika Moen cause she does all of us visual learners are great service!


La belleza en todas sus formas! Beauty in all its forms!

El Proyecto NU retrata la belleza natural de miles de mujeres. Cada cuerpo es un buen cuerpo

The NU project portrays the natural beauty of thousands of women. Every body is a good body

Estos son algunas de las fotos y testimonios del Proyecto Nu.  Here are some of the photos and testimonies of the project.