SEXed. Your resource for guilt-free, sexy sex-education

Sex has a bad reputation in U.S. culture and I hope to help change that through humor and education. I am the store manager of Self Serve, a sex-positive sexuality resource center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Sex-positive is an idea that views sex in an open, honest and non-judgmental way. I believe that as long as you are having safe and consensual sex, what you are doing and fantasizing about is good, and good for you. Because orgasms are good for you. My bottom line for a healthy sexual relationship is communication. People ask me all the time how they can have better sex, and the secret is communication and confidence.

There is so much variety in human sexuality that it makes sense we should take some time to discuss and figure out what humans are into and how we do it. Whether you want to know more about a particular fetish or BDSM lifestyle or you want to know how to give a blowjob, I hope the information on this blog can help you. This blog is for everyone, I hope to make it friendly to hetero, homo, bi trans and queer people, as well as people of all ages. In my opinion, you are never to young or old to ask questions or learn about sex. It’s my belief that parents should talk to their children frankly about sex from an early age, so they get practice communicating about this sometimes delicate issue.

I am always looking for questions, so if you have a sex/relationship question feel free to email me at I also would love to hear feedback about my blog, such as what you think works well and what doesn’t.


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