Updates from 2020!

It has been a *minute* since I’ve update this blog. I’ve been busy continuing to work for Self Serve Toys as their Director of Education and Outreach. I picked up a few more gigs doing work with PepLove.com and some other fun projects. I finally came back to this blog and realized I’ve changed and updated my perspective, language and thinking on so many things related to sexuality. I’m going keep all my old content up, because I like being able to see where I came from, but I just wanted anyone reading this to know that I’m growing and learning as a person, and that will hopefully be reflected in this blog.


My goal with this blog going forward:

I would like to use this blog to allow people to find some of my past work, find out if they want to hire me or work with me, and find resources they might want to share. Most of my updated work can be found on Self Serve’s blog.

Stay tuned, and if you want more up-to-date info about me and my work, you can follow me on





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