UNM Sex Week! The Controversy of Teaching Adults About Sex

Soooo, I helped organize UNM’s first-ever Sex Week with the Women’s Resource Center. It was a series of events both on and off campus that covered topics ranging from consent, hookup culture, safer sex, orgasms, oral sex, threesomes and more! The whole inspiration behind sex week was to provide students with comprehensive, non-shame based sex education, so people are given the tools to create healthier relationships where consent and safety are priorities, along with pleasure. 14438_100214_sexweek2web_sjo

Since the start of the event, many people have had many feelings about whether it’s appropriate to talk about sex at a university. Much of the criticism came from anti-abortion groups on campus, and from parents of students. UNM administration issued an apology for hosting Sex Week, and while  it was well intentioned, I feel this apology is misguided.

Self Serve started a petition to help illustrate to administrators that UNM students, parents, community members and more think education. In just 4 days, the petition received about 800 signatures.

14440_100314_sexweekweb_aaoThe petition helped bring forth lots of support from the UNM community and beyond. We even got Fox News anchors to call New Mexicans a bunch of ‘horndogs’ on air… which is endlessly amusing to me.

Now we move on to talking about UNM Sex Week 2015. There are no firm plans yet, but until there are, I enjoy seeing people have public discussions about sex and consent, because I think it advances our conversations and understanding of the complex, exciting and endlessly curious-making thing that is human sexuality.


2 thoughts on “UNM Sex Week! The Controversy of Teaching Adults About Sex

  1. Happened to follow the link to watch what FOX news had to say and it just irritates the F**k out of me the approach that they take. Especially the “fist to the face” approach one of the anchors suggests, just wow. I mean, if it comes down to it, yes,I will defend myself, but to suggest that it should be your means of saying no instead of just being able to say no is ridiculous. My guess is she’s never said no….just saying….

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