Self Serve’s Sex Facts Infographic!

Self Serve created a shame-free sex survey and received almost 600 responses from around New Mexico. Now we’ve compiled the data into a sex facts infographic that highlights some of the most interesting, fun and shocking information.

People share their secrets with us everyday at Self Serve, so we wanted to share that information with you to help pull back the curtain on the sex lives of New Mexicans. We hope some of the information in this infographic will help reduce stigma and shame around some of the most intimate parts of our lives.


Infographic Highlights:

* Four people said they have taken a condom off during sex without telling their partner. Three of the respondents were women.

* 62 percent of respondents watch porn that doesn’t match their identity/sexual orientation.

* New Mexicans don’t mess around when it comes to messing around. 26% of respondents said, on average, they have sex for 30 minutes to 1 hour!



















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