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Question: I am traveling to see my partner for her graduation. I’m not checking luggage. She asked for me to bring her sex toy. Is there anyway to carry it on discreetly? Are you even allowed to carry that on?

Answer: Thanks for the question! Lots of people will leave their favorite travel buddy behind in fear of it being pulled out by a TSA agent, or worse, thrown away. Traveling with sex toys is pretty common and is completely legal.  We’ve even heard some unfortunate stories about people’s sex toys going missing en route to celebrate a honeymoon. It’s smart to think about your situation and travel arrangements and then plan accordingly which toys and lubes you want to bring.

The first thing we recommend doing is getting a good bag to carry your toy in. We recommend getting a fiber-free bag so your toy doesn’t have lots of tiny hairs on it when you’re ready for some playtime. We sell bags of all different shapes and sizes, all of which are completely lint and fiber free, so your toys always come out clean. People might also travel with their toys in a clear plastic bag so if a security agent does need to take a look at your toy, they don’t actually come into contact with the toy.

Bringing it in your carry-on shouldn’t give you too many problems, but if you wanted to be super sure, we would recommend checking a bag. We also suggest taking any batteries out so your bag isn’t vibrating while it makes rounds on the luggage carousel. One of our most popular lines of rechargeable vibrators, JimmyJane, are designed with a travel lock feature so they won’t randomly go off in your bag. They come with several different plug adapters so you can travel internationally and still charge your toy.

Make sure that if you’re bringing lube, you meet the 3 oz requirement. We sell lots of different types of lube in a sample packet size and they are all under an ounce. So if you put a few of those in a clear plastic bag it’s an easy way to travel without the likelihood of a bottle exploding in your bag.

We encourage you to bring a toy or two with you on your vacation because vacation sex is so much fun! But it might pay off to do a little research before you go and to pack with care.

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