Practical Ways We Can Stop Centering Everything Around White People’s Feelings

Practical Ways We Can Stop Centering Everything Around White People’s Feelings.


Naked Men Wrestling in Jelly – All in the Name of HIV/AIDS testing!

You’re welcome for this yummy video. The moral of the story: Get tested. Have safer sex. Get Naked. Have Fun.

For more info (in Swedish) click here.

Flavour wrestling for hiv testing, RFSL Göteborg from RFSL Göteborg on Vimeo.Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 9.16.22 PM

La belleza en todas sus formas! Beauty in all its forms!

El Proyecto NU retrata la belleza natural de miles de mujeres. Cada cuerpo es un buen cuerpo

The NU project portrays the natural beauty of thousands of women. Every body is a good body

Estos son algunas de las fotos y testimonios del Proyecto Nu.  Here are some of the photos and testimonies of the project.

5 Things James Deen can Teach You about Sex

So maybe you’ve heard of James Deen. He’s kind of popular. He’s one of the most popular male porn stars at the moment and has a loyal following of women (and probably men, too!) ages 18-24, and beyond, most likely. For more on what makes Deen so attractive, I recommend watching some of his work, through one of the excellent sites that offers it. One of my favorites are Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasm, which you can rent and buy at Self Serve.

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