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Question: I’m contacting you about my interest in male chastity. I’m having issues meeting someone who I’m attracted to and likes the idea of male chastity.  Any advice
for a guy?


Answer: Male chastity can be a very exciting and gratifying way to explore control and power within the context of consent and pleasure. For those who don’t know, male chastity is another fantasy that men and women have where the male partner’s genitals are under lock and key, literally. Chastity devices are worn around the flaccid penis, which prevents the wearer from getting an erection. Many people find it extremely arousing to give up control to their partner. Of course, these dynamics should be consensual and agreed upon before anyone is locked up.

Keep in mind that the sexy irony of wearing a chastity device is that you might get excited just wearing it. It’s a cruel, naughty power play to give over control of your most precious family jewels, and know that someone else holds the key! Playing with power explicitly can be arousing and even a sort of relief for many couples. Knowing who’s in charge can allow a submissive partner to feel taken care of, and a dominant partner to feel confident and trusted.

Self Serve carries the CB 6000, which is a locking, plastic male chastity device which has gotten lots of great reviews. is probably going to be the place to look for a partner who shares your specific interest. A good way to meet kinky people in real life is to check out New Mexico Fetlife’s calendar of events. They have events almost every day where kinky people meet and mingle.

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