The TEDTalks of Sex

Sexuality education as an industry seems to be on the rise these days. Everyone and their mother wants to be a sex educator, talk about sex, write about sex, etc. And I’m happy to count myself as one of those people. If you like learning about sex things, then strongly consider checking out Swellcon, a virtual conference on sex and media that was launched in August by the fine folks over at The Smitten Kitten.

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Below is what I wrote for about it:

Self Serve is honored to participate in Swellcon, a virtual conference on sex and media.

Swellcon is part of Smitten Kitten’s 10 year birthday celebration. It hopes to give people all over the world access to media about positive sexuality. Video titles include “The Sex Positive Revolution Will Be Televised (on Youtube!)” by Reid Mihalko, ”Senior Sex Out Loud” by Joan Price and “Sex Positive Media” by Maggie Mayhem just to name a few.

From Swellcon’s website: “Media has an enormous impact on how we view and engage in conversations about sex and sexuality. We see them on a daily basis at The Smitten Kitten in the way our customers communicate with us, in the ways we engage with them and our broader community, and in the broader perceptions of our work and the industry as a whole. Erotic media can be a tool for social change while also furthering sex negative culture and stereotypes. Whether it is a porn film, a book of erotica, or sexy illustration, it is clear that erotic media is abundant and has impact.”

 Self Serve’s contribution to Swellcon detailed our experience fighting for Pornotopia. Check out the video below for more info and make sure to visit the Swellcon website to see all the amazing videos about sex and media!

Self Serve’s Fight for Pornotopia Film Festival by Matie Fricker and Molly Adler from Smitten Kitten on Vimeo.

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