Ask Self Serve – When Penetration is Painful

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Question: I’ve had a lot of trouble with painful penetration so I just gave up on it.  I’ve asked every gynecologist I’ve been to if something’s wrong and my last one finally found that my hymen was still partially intact.  I’ve had sex with one man and they don’t have to use the ‘virgin’ speculum. I would like to enjoy sex that includes penetration. I only have sex with women and my partner and I have toys, but I have anxiety about penetration because I’ve always just thought it was painful and there’s nothing to be done.  Any suggestions on how to make this less of a tense situation?

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The TEDTalks of Sex

Sexuality education as an industry seems to be on the rise these days. Everyone and their mother wants to be a sex educator, talk about sex, write about sex, etc. And I’m happy to count myself as one of those people. If you like learning about sex things, then strongly consider checking out Swellcon, a virtual conference on sex and media that was launched in August by the fine folks over at The Smitten Kitten.

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