Take note!

I get lots of questions about the gspot at my job at Self Serve, and I think this image may help some folks figure out what’s going on in vulva/vagina town. Some people believe that the gpspot and gspot orgasms are actually clitoral orgasms, but that the clit is being stimulated from the inside of the body! Mind. Blown.

I also find that many heterosexual people have a road block in their mind about how to make a woman orgasm. Let’s put it this way: You wouldn’t expect to make someone with a penis have an orgasm without stimulating said penis in some way. It’s also not likely that you will make someone with a clitoris have an orgasm without stimulating said clitoris in some way. The clitoris is THE sexual organ for those who have them. It’s sole purpose is to give pleasure. It has no other job, except to make the person who has it go “that feels amazing!”

Clits need direct, sustained stimulation and in many cases, penis-in-vagina intercourse often doesn’t get that stimulation. That’s why sex toys, and vibrators in particular, are awesome! Many vibrators can be used on the clitoris during sex, including penetration, to help everyone experience orgasm. A vibrator paired with a vulva massage is generally a great recipe for orgasmic success. Vulva massage is important because as you see in the image, the clit has two legs that extend down the body on either side of the vaginal opening. If you massage the vulva (the outside part of female genitalia) you are massaging those clitoral legs. Think of the shape of a wishbone. The clit has a similar shape. If you stimulate as many parts of the clitoris as possible, you are more likely to have an orgasm, or help someone else have one.

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