Hawt! A sexy photo of vulva massage

This is a pretty awesome Pinterest page that I highly recommend. I chose this photo because it illustrates something a lot of men and women probably don’t do enough of – vulva massage! The vulva is the outside part of a woman’s genitals, the vagina is the part inside. The vulva is incredibly rich with nerve endings and can often get left out during penis/vagina intercourse. Use your hands, your mouth or a toy to indulge a vulva in a well-deserved massage.

In case you want some further instruction, Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center carries some amazing educational DVDs on sensual massage techniques from the New School of Erotic Touch. Call us at 505.265.5815 to order yours. I recommend “Best of Vulva Massage I” and “Best of Vulva Massage II” for more info on this specific topic.

Cock Tease from Wolf Hudson, and ethical porn star.

In case you don’t know Wolf Hudson, consider checking him out. He’s in lots of my favorite feminist porn titles. Check out his (hot) body of work, wolfhudsonisbad.com/

Cock Tease from Wolf Hudson

Feminist porn is a growing industry, but there are still lots of questions about what is means to make and watch feminist porn. I found a guide to help you navigate the porny waters. Here’s a breakdown.

1. Forget What You Think You Know

Feminist porn isn’t just for women. It can be enjoyed by lots of different folks because it offers up so much variety in what you see. You see people of all different body types, colors, ability and more. You might find you’re into something you never would have found watching/looking at one genre of porn.

Carlyle Jansen, owner of feminist adult store Good For Her and founder of the Feminist Porn Awards explains: “People think we’re the Lesbian Porn Awards or the Man Hating Porn Awards; they think feminism is passé. We want women’s, men’s, and trans perspectives; we’re not just looking for what women want.”

2. Consult the Experts!

There are already books, awards and even conferences dedicated to talking about feminist porn. You can also take a look at the annual Feminist Porn Awards for some ideas on where to start in your adventure.

3. Check in With the Performers Themselves

Performers and directors in feminist porn are very accessible via social media. If you have questions about what you see and what makes it ethical or feminist, just ask them.

4. Learn More About It

Check out the Feminist Porn Book and hopefully soon, an academic journal devoted to porn studies.

5. Vote With Your Dollar

You get what you pay for. And this is some high quality stuff! Instead of going to the candy isle when you go to the porn grocery store, pick some up fruits and vegetables too! These people are making porn we can learn from. Most porn doesn’t have that quality. This is porn that talks about or models consent and communicating about desires.
Wanna see how feminist porn people party? Check out the Flickr account for the Feminist Porn Awards.