Dead Dear

Through drunken additions on Facebook I recently became the acquaintance of Kai “Vanderbilt”. That’s not her actual name, but we decided on that pseudonym because of google searches or black helicopters or something, I really wasn’t paying attention. I was just picking out funny surnames. Kai works on a site called and is a transgendered person herself. We talked a lot about gender issues and a bunch of other things, because for some reason there are still issues of misunderstanding surrounding the whole community. We also talked a bit about her site and its mission.

C-Who are you as a person?

K-25, former Detroiter, graphic / web designer, glasses enthusiast

C: So, what exactly is it?

K: It’s “a place for positive trans* perspectives”, because the media is saturated in negative portrayals and negative stories about the gender transgressive community and we want to highlight what a…

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