Sexnology (sex+technology) scores one for long distance partners

Long distance love might be a little more intimate through Lovepalz’ new product that ‘connects’ two people through Bluetooth technology, a few pressure and speed sensors and as put it, “teledildonic technology.”

The company designed a two-part sex toy that can be synched through Bluetooth on a mobile device through an app, with video chat of course. The app sends one partner’s speed and pressure ratings to the other partner’s device, which dictates the speed or pressure of the other partner’s toy.

The “Hera” and the “Zeus” will have,

  • 7 modes at multiple speed
  • Extremely quiet motor
  • Strong power body massage
  • Automatic Piston/ Air pump motor
  • Wireless
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Power saving
  • Easy to hold
  • Water proof

The Company tried raising money through Kickstarter, but were not allowed to raise money presumably due to the nature of the product. The app is still not available in the Apple app store, and it remains to be seen whether Apple will carry it.


“Of course, if the LovePalz is too racy for the generally liberal Kickstarter, I can’t imagine how they’ll convince the notoriously conservative Apple to allow the app in the App Store. Maybe since it doesn’t have any explicit content in the app itself, they’ll be able to pull it off. Pun intended.”

The toys are $49.95 for one, and $94.95 for the set. The company is taking preorders until Nov. 18, but according to their website, they won’t charge preorders until the toys are ready to ship.
The outside of the toy is aluminum-magnesium alloy and the inside is medical silicone, according to the website.

You can preorder one here. And check out the Technabob story here.

2 thoughts on “Sexnology (sex+technology) scores one for long distance partners

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