This is a Godsend. I bet Jesus was like, ‘That’s a great idea Ben Pawle!’ Because Jesus loves safer sex too.

Since I’ve been on a condom kick lately, let me tell you about the HUGE news for safer sex. Ben Pawle designed a condom wrapper for people with hemiplegia, a condition that leaves one side of the body paralyzed.

Little did Mr. Pawle know he was creating a product that thousands, maybe millions of people have fantasized about. The condom wrapper is designed with a perforated seam on the middle of the wrapper, so the user can snap it between his or her fingers. No more tearing the wrapper with your teeth or fumbling with lubey fingers (you should always use a dab of lube on the inside and outside of condoms because it decreases the likelihood of them breaking, not to mention it feels amazing!).

As I am sure all of you already know, using your teeth on a condom wrapper is risky in case you puncture a hole in the condom with your teeth.

As part of his project, ‘Preserving Human Dignity,’ Pawle was searching for a design innovation in the health care industry. In an email to Kyle VanHemert at Fast Co Design, Pawle write,

“I stumbled upon the condition Hemiplegia; a stroke of an unborn child in the womb, [and] I found the subject fascinating, particularly the physical problems a hemiplegic encounters and equally the mental trauma/angst this causes. From the research and through feedback, I narrowed the project focus to the experience of growing up as major social anxiety periods–the idea of childhood and young adulthood. The condom was a response to young adulthood part of the project and I guess is just common sense–why is a condom an obstacle and hindrance instead of enhancing a moment?”

Pawle registered his deign with the U.K. patent office, so hopefully the condoms will be available soon.

Check out Pawle’s website here.

Check out the full story on Fast Co Design here

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