On Acid and Sex

Have you ever wondered what sex on psychedelic drugs is like?

This is an enlightening essay on Nerve.com about one man’s journey on acid into sensuality and sexuality. It was all in the name of science!


senses (Photo credit: joaoloureiro)

Not only is this essay well written, in my opinion, it also talks about one of the best tips for adding sensuality to your foreplay and sex life in general.

“What I quickly realized — and I’m sad to say I hadn’t known it before —  is that any part of the body can be made love to. I found that by rubbing, kissing, and sucking first on the side of S.’s leg, just above the knee, and later her neck, I could create the most intense feelings, both for her and for me. In my mind, I really felt as if I was interacting with her genitally, and later, S. told me she felt like she had a second pussy!”

I think their experience points to a very important idea in sex, that many of us skip over — we think it’s all about the genitals.

Sex is so many things, and based on this account, it was a profound sensual and arousing experience.

Also, now I know what a perfect mathematical center orgasm is!

But seriously, read this, and enjoy it!

I Did It For Science: Sex on Acid By Jack Harrison

Sexnology (sex+technology) scores one for long distance partners

Long distance love might be a little more intimate through Lovepalz’ new product that ‘connects’ two people through Bluetooth technology, a few pressure and speed sensors and as Technabob.com put it, “teledildonic technology.”

The company designed a two-part sex toy that can be synched through Bluetooth on a mobile device through an app, with video chat of course. The app sends one partner’s speed and pressure ratings to the other partner’s device, which dictates the speed or pressure of the other partner’s toy.

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Authors of “I Love Female Orgasm” to visit UNM

“Thinking off” and other fun facts from people who know a lot about orgasms.

Orgasms are pretty amazing, don’t you think?

Two very nice sex educators, Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, wrote a book in 2007, “I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide,” and Miller will be at UNM on Tuesday to talk about this subject so near and dear to our hearts.

Cover of "I Love Female Orgasm: An Extrao...

Cover via Amazon

Miller will be co-presenting at UNM with Maggie Keenan-Bolger for the program, The Female Orgasm. The presentation will be at 7 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 25 in the UNM Sub Ballrooms. For more info on the program, click here.

If you want to know more about the lovely and often misunderstood female orgasm, come check it out. In the meantime, check out the Q&A I did with Miller and Solot over email.

1) What can a women do if she doesn’t have orgasms during intercourse with a male partner?

First of all, she should know that she’s NORMAL! In fact, most of her female friends are probably having the same experience. Only about 30 percent of women with male partners can have orgasms from intercourse alone. The idea that women are SUPPOSED to reach the Big O this way comes from TV and movies, not real life, and has left a lot of couples confused and frustrated!

A few ideas for what she can do:
– Touch her own clitoris (or have her partner do so) while they’re having intercourse. This is hands-down (pun intended!) the most popular way to solve the problem.
– Use a vibrator on her clit (or have her partner do so) while having intercourse. Self-Serve can help!
– Experiment with angles and positions to try to increase clitoral stimulation, maybe by rubbing against the man’s pubic bone or the shaft of his penis.
– Stop trying! Enjoy an orgasm before an intercourse or after. There’s no gold star given to women who can come during intercourse — and an awful lot of sweat and tears wasted on trying to achieve that goal.

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Christrians on sex

A Road to Somewhere

Is There Room for Erotica in Christianity?

I read this article and thought some of you might find it interesting. I think this is something that does need to be talked about. Sex is not bad. That is something that is often ignored in the church. Making it forbidden makes it more tempting. Just say no is not always an acceptable way to explain things. Sex is a beautiful thing (or so I’m told) within the confines of a loving, committed relationship. Sexuality is not a negative thing. The context and purpose are what differentiates the positive forms of sex and sexuality versus the negative forms. I do not need or want to rely on erotic media to be sexually fulfilled. That is stupid and a load of nonsense in my opinion. Read the article. I will definitely go back to this topic. Hearing things like this is a part of my…

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This is a Godsend. I bet Jesus was like, ‘That’s a great idea Ben Pawle!’ Because Jesus loves safer sex too.

Since I’ve been on a condom kick lately, let me tell you about the HUGE news for safer sex. Ben Pawle designed a condom wrapper for people with hemiplegia, a condition that leaves one side of the body paralyzed.

Little did Mr. Pawle know he was creating a product that thousands, maybe millions of people have fantasized about. The condom wrapper is designed with a perforated seam on the middle of the wrapper, so the user can snap it between his or her fingers. No more tearing the wrapper with your teeth or fumbling with lubey fingers (you should always use a dab of lube on the inside and outside of condoms because it decreases the likelihood of them breaking, not to mention it feels amazing!).

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Two heterosexual men, one bed

Hello there hetero men, I’ve got a question for you. If you were on a vacation with some male friends and had a choice between sleeping in a bed with one of your friends and sleeping on a cold, uncomfortable floor, which would you choose?


Carlos Andrés Gómez made some interesting points about that scenario in his post, “Straight Guy in Bed With Another Man” on The Good Men Project. He talks about his experience traveling abroad and how, despite considering himself “one of those groundbreaking, ‘post-gender’ dudes who’d be able to share a bed with another guy and not have it be a big deal,” he had some insomnia-inducing anxiety about sharing a bed with his best friend.

“I thought about the source of all of this anguish produced by simply sharing a bed with another man.  I thought of the sometimes subtle but mostly heavy-handed ways in which I had been socialized to be repulsed by anything even suggestive of male intimacy or affection…”

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