Why is the penis shaped like that?


For more on why the penis is shaped like that, check out “Sex at Dawn.” I interviewed one of the book’s authors, Christopher Ryan. I will post that interview here soon. In the meantime, enjoy!


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Why is the Penis Shaped Like That? . . . And Other Reflections on Being Human by Jesse Bering

QP 251 .B495 2012

“In Why is the Penis Shaped Like That? Jesse Bering takes us on an irreverently bold and captivating journey into the furthest reaches of human nature. If you’ve ever wondered . .

  • why some people find animals so . . . sexy
  • why testicles hang in such a vulnerable location
  • how cannibalism could be so tasty
  • if “free will” really exists
  • why the penis is shaped like that, anyyway

. . . then this is the book for you.”
– publisher description


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YouTube video Monday! Three videos that will likely teach you something new

I love YouTube. Where else are you going to see someone’s reaction while they get an anus tattoo? The girl in the video below said it ‘feels good, so good’.

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La masturbación femenina es uno de mis temas favoritas

The painting presumed to depict Gabrielle d'Es...

The painting presumed to depict Gabrielle d’Estrées (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Encontré este sitio hoy dia. ¿Qué piensan ustedes, lectores españoles?

Díme tu opinion en los comentarios o me escribas un email en hrileysf@gmail.com.

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Religion and sexuality, a new view part two — from Georgetown University Press blog

Catholic Cross Jesus

Catholic Cross Jesus (Photo credit: TheChristianAlert.org)

Here is the second part of a two-part series from Georgetown University Press blog on the future of sexuality and religion. Too see part one, click here

Proposing a Renewed Catholic Understanding of the Sexual Person, pt 2.

Religion and sexuality, a new view — from Georgetown University Press blog

Georgetown University Press blog presents a new idea on how you can be religious and sexual, without feeling shame.

The blog published a two-part series investigating and proposing some great ideas that anyone of faith might find interesting.

Darkest side of feminine nature, I guess.

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Orgasm infographic!

I’m kind of a nerd for infographics, and kind of nerd for orgasms. So you can only imagine my delight when I stumbled upon innovative sex toy company Jimmy Jane’s infographic about orgasms!

If you want to purchase a JimmyJane toy (and let’s be honest, you probably do), visit Self Serve’s website here.

You can also check out a great YouTube video demonstrating the awesomeness that is the Form 3.


P1050484 (Photo credit: violet.blue)

Jimmyjane Ten Facts About Orgasms

Life of Condom (The New Yorker)

Front of package for LifeStyles condom

Front of package for LifeStyles condom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a condom in a wallet?

Well now you know.