2 thoughts on “I love me some gender bending advertisements!

  1. I am sceptical of using a trans person in adverts because they are usually depicted in such a sensationalist way, like here. I think the message Toyota wants to convey is ‘isn’t this so shocking and radical!’ and using trans bodies to stand in for rebellion, is dodgy. Of course, women’s bodies are always used to sell products, and men’s too.

  2. I can definitely see your point. I was interested to find out however, that the model in this video does not identify as trans. He is a really well-known model in Europe, so the way I look at it, he is just doing his job and if Toyota wants to pick up on it, more power to him.
    In my opinion, those shocking statements are one of many pieces that push cultures further towards acceptance of people who are outside the “norm.” They aren’t always healthy, which is something the ad industry needs to work on, but that’s with everyone, not just trans folks.
    But I do see your point and think it is an issue that should be handled with care.

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