Even the vaginal tightening gel requires regular tightening exercises for results

Thanks to my good friend Navjit Kandola of Tender Logic for posting this on Facebook. It’s an entertaining ad for a ‘vaginal tightening gel’ that, according to its website, will tighten your vaginal muscles (but only with regular vaginal tightening exercises) by getting rid of dead skin cells and increasing circulation. It also states the gel will miraculously make bad sex more satisfying and will decrease the likelihood of vaginal pain. But I’m highly skeptical of all that.

Here is the website’s FAQ #7:

7. How to apply 18 AGAIN gel?
Ans: Wash your hands and clean the vagina with water. Open the bottle of 18 Again gel and take a small quantity (approximately 4 to 5 gms) onto your fingertips. Gently insert your finger in the vagina and apply the gel inside the vagina in all directions. Apply twice daily for 3 months along with vaginal tightening exercise as mentioned in the product leaflet.

In case you missed it, this gel probably won’t do much more than add some lubrication to your lady bits (which I am all for!). The gel won’t tighten your kegel muscles, the regular vaginal tightening exercises and sex/orgasm might, though.

I read the ingredient list, and could only recognize a few names. Are they ingredients commonly used in Indian feminine products? I don’t know. I know Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are ingredients in some great lubes I’ve used, but I can’t say the same for the rest of the list.

FAQ #4

4. What are the ingredients of 18 AGAIN gel?
Ans: 18 again is a blend of natural products like Centella Asiatica, Woodfordia floribunda, punica granatum, Almonds, Alum, Aloe vera, Vitamin E, Gold and other ingredients that provide the desired results only in the correct combination as formulated in the gel.

The moral of the story is, make sure to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. Check out some exercise ideas here. And instead of spending money on a gel that won’t, on its own, do what it advertises, buy a set of vaginal exercise balls that you can wear while you go about your daily activities. Like the Ami set from Self Serve. Self Serve ships around the world in discrete packaging. They could even, say, ship some to India!

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