Consent is just so damn sexy!

I greatly appreciate the New School’s effort to make consent a better-known and attractive topic. In  April 2011, the school’s board of trustees approved a new sexual assault policy which helps clearly define consent and sexual assault. A group of students in the sexual assault awareness committee launched a campaign to bring about more awareness around consent, and the following poster is just one that came out of the campus-wide poster campaign.

Not only does this poster show specific boundaries about consent, it also gives you practical examples of how to successfully communicate with your partner about yours and his or her sexual boundaries.

I get it, talking about sex and sexuality is hard. You get all nervous and want to start the conversation, but the words just don’t come out.

The hardest part will always be breaching the conversation, once you have uttered those first words, it’s easy from there. All of the phrases below are great questions and statements you can memorize for when you need some encouragement.
This is one step in the right direction for teaching men and women how to have satisfying sexual encounters where all parties feel respected, and not to mention sexy. Because consent is fucking sexy! It’s really hot to know that what you are about to do to or with someone is going to make them aroused.

I know it might sound cheesy, but practice saying these phrases to yourself in the mirror or in your head, and they will be easier to say in person when it matters.

For more of the New School’s posters on sexual assault, click here.

2 thoughts on “Consent is just so damn sexy!

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