Even the vaginal tightening gel requires regular tightening exercises for results

Thanks to my good friend Navjit Kandola of Tender Logic for posting this on Facebook. It’s an entertaining ad for a ‘vaginal tightening gel’ that, according to its website, will tighten your vaginal muscles (but only with regular vaginal tightening exercises) by getting rid of dead skin cells and increasing circulation. It also states the gel will miraculously make bad sex more satisfying and will decrease the likelihood of vaginal pain. But I’m highly skeptical of all that.

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Consent is just so damn sexy!

I greatly appreciate the New School’s effort to make consent a better-known and attractive topic. In  April 2011, the school’s board of trustees approved a new sexual assault policy which helps clearly define consent and sexual assault. A group of … Continue reading

Women in the media


How women are portrayed in the media is an interesting and often complex topic with layers of internalized sexism. Obviously there are offensive and degrading representations of women, and media, like most of the industries, is dominated by men. Which means women aren’t often part of the decision-making process about media publications or ads.

This promo for the film Miss Representation talks with several inspiring feminists about what the problems are, what the consequences are and how we can change them.

As a woman who is also a part of the media I completely agree that it is vital to have more women in positions of power not only in the media, but also in government and regulating bodies.

I hope you enjoy this short video about Miss Representation, and that it can help bring about some thought-provoking conversation and hopefully some change in the media environment.