The value of dirty thoughts

Mind before matter is an appropriate saying for this post. If you want to have more sex, a good way to start is to think sexy thoughts throughout your day.

Bachelor Girl (1954) ... How the Vibrator Came...

The Center for Female Sexuality offered this tidbit that engaging in sexy behaviors or thoughts during the course of your day will increase the likelihood of you wanting to have sex that day.

“We will often suggest to women that they read an erotic book or watch an erotic video for just 2-5 minutes in the morning,” Bat Sheva Marcus wrote on the center’s blog. “Somehow, getting your body turned on (even if you don’t realize it) or getting some sexy images in your head can get the gears turning for the rest of the day.”

At Self Serve I hear people say all the time that once they start masturbating on a more regular basis, their desire to have sex with a partner also increases. If your body is comfortable with arousal , getting turned on when you or a partner wants to have sex, is likely to be easier.

According to several studies cited on Planned Parenthood’s website, masturbation is actually really great for your body and emotional state. Masturbation can promote higher self-esteem and increase marital and sexual satisfaction levels (Hurlbert andWhittaker, 1991). It can also help induce sleep (Crooks & Bauer, 1983, 257), relieve premenstrual pain for women (Brashear, 1974, 14; Davidson and Moore, 1994; Phipps, 1977, 190) and give an adequate warm up for other sexual acts (Francoeur, 1991, 393;
Phipps, 1977, 192).

Thinking sexy thoughts and masturbation are really fun ways to spice up your day, and it might be increase your self-esteem. What more could you ask for!English: Female masturbation with an electric ...

The blog from the Center for Female Sexuality recommended doing small things throughout the day, such as licking your lips seductively, or unbuttoning your shirt just a bit. Catch someone’s eye and give them a sexy smile. All of these things take almost no extra effort and have big payoff.

If you want to pick up some erotica or some friendly, non-offensive porn, visit Self Serve online or in person (we’re at 3904 Central Ave. SE). Vibrators are pretty awesome for masturbation too!

For more information see the Center for Female Sexuality’s blog.

See Planned Parenthood’s website for studies regarding masturbation.

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