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To find HIV Test Centers near you Text: Your Zip Code To: KnowIt (566948) www.hivtest.orgNearly 1 in 5 people with HIV do not know they are infected. Today is National HIV Testing Day and you can help raise awareness by spreading the word and getting tested yourself. You can text your zip code to 566948 or by entering your zip code online here to find a testing site near you. There are many free testing sites available today in honor of National HIV Testing Day which was founded by the National Association of People with AIDS in 1995.

Results from our National Transgender Discrimination Survey show that transgender individuals have a rate of HIV/AIDS that is more than four times higher than the general population. And, tragically the survey also found that one in four transgender African Americans live with HIV/AIDS.

The Task Force continues to advocate to ensure that community HIV/AIDS service organizations have the funding they so desperately need. We are pleased…

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