Marty Klein on how Americans spend too much time worrying about sex

Here’s a little sex-positive nugget for you lovely internet readers. Do you know of or have anything to say about Marty Klein? Let me know in a comment.

Sex therapist, sociologist and marriage counselor Marty Klein  has been talking about sex on TV for more than 30 years. In those years, Klein has made the point that many Americans are too busy worrying about the mechanics and the details of sex to fully enjoy the experience, according to a report from

Klein publishes a newsletter and is also the author of six books and more than 100 articles about sexuality.

He believes people should focus more on making sex pleasurable for ourselves and our partner/s. He writes that people today are “preoccupied with how we look, what our partner is thinking, how we’re performing, and whether we’re ‘normal.’”

Klein says when we are having sex that is burdened with worry, angst and guilt, “Sex like that can’t thrill us, can’t create intimacy, and can’t, well, feel sexy.

Susie Bright is a prominent figure when it comes to information about sex. She is a writer, speaker, podcast producer and a teacher.

Bright praised Klein’s most recent book “America’s War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty” as being a model on which people of all ages can begin to shift the way they think about sex into a healthy, honest light.

“Marty takes apart American sex panics with surgical precision, and delivers a sex-positive blueprint of what sane public healthy policy would look like,” Bright wrote.

For more information about Marty Klein, check out his WordPress Blog here.

To check out the full story from click here.

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