Violet Blue kissed and told.

Violet Blue

Violet Blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s a bummer about all those important things you were never taught in school — like kissing. Kissing is, for many people, a fundamental part of their relationship, and the first kiss can sometimes make or break a relationship. Kissing styles vary, but I think the guidelines in the video below by Violet Blue, are basically right on.

If you’ve ever felt insecure about your kissing technique, watch Violet Blue’s video trailer for her book “Seal it With a Kiss.” Violet Blue is one of the most prominent sex and technology writers and has several great videos, books and blogs.

You can also ask someone you’ve kissed before on what they think you could improve, emphasize that honesty is essential and you won’t get mad when they tell you the possibly not-so-fun-to-hear truth.

Check out her various websites for more of Violet Blue. And keep up the kissing.

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