How politics and sex mix well

Awesome NYC-and Seattle-based sex shop Babeland created a ‘bipartisan’ vibrator to make this election year ever more exciting!

If I were you, I would think about Christine O’Donnell  or Michelle Bachmann while you use it. Then maybe post some pictures to Rick Perry’s Facebook wall, just so he can get a good look at what your vagina’s up to, because he seems to spend a lot of time thinking and legislating about what you should and shouldn’t be able to do with it.

Here is the post from about the new toy,


NYC-based sex shop Babeland is launching a new toy into the world: the Bipartisan Bunny. This is for both conservatives and liberals, coming with two different modes, red and blue, which are pre-programmed with very different sayings. Such as:

  • Drill, Baby, Drill
  • Oh yeah, baby, just like a filibuster
  • I’ll make you scream louder than a Fox News talk show host
  • Occupy me
  • We can do this together, yes, we can
  • A little more to the left, oh yeah, there, that’s it

The toy will be in their shops next week, selling for $114.40. And if you aren’t satisfied with the sayings, there is also voice-recording capability, which means you can record some of your favorite political commentators on television. C’mon, you know you always wanted to hate-f*ck Shep Smith.

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