Self Serve’s review of Tenga’s high-tech male masturbatin toy, the Flip Hole

“It’s like an obstacle course for your penis, which is a good thing.”

I think it’s quite unfortunate there aren’t as many masturbation toys for men as there are for women. There is an irrational stigma against male masturbation that portrays it as gross, or creepy. Well I and many other sex-positive people want you men out there to know that masturbation is not creepy or gross.

Some sex toy companies are trying to change that stigma. And the very smart people in Japan at Tenga have developed some really excellent male sex toys. Not that there aren’t already sex toys out there for men, such as the Fleshlight. But men’s sex toys need more variety. Some people like to fuck a toy that looks like a vagina or an anus, and some guys don’t get turned on by the jelly imitation toys. Tenga is filling that niche of guys who want to masturbate with more than their hand, but don’t want something that looks like a pussy or an asshole.

Check out this article on about the rise of male masturbation toys. Don’t worry boys, soon enough you will have a plethora of pocket pussies to choose from, and more! And don’t forget about your good friend in the rear, your prostate. For lots of guys it makes ejaculation more intense. And there are already a variety of prostate and anal toys out there for you to try. Don’t be shy.

Here is a review from Self Serve in Albuquerque of Tenga’s Flip Hole.



Violet Blue kissed and told.

Violet Blue

Violet Blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s a bummer about all those important things you were never taught in school — like kissing. Kissing is, for many people, a fundamental part of their relationship, and the first kiss can sometimes make or break a relationship. Kissing styles vary, but I think the guidelines in the video below by Violet Blue, are basically right on.

If you’ve ever felt insecure about your kissing technique, watch Violet Blue’s video trailer for her book “Seal it With a Kiss.” Violet Blue is one of the most prominent sex and technology writers and has several great videos, books and blogs.

You can also ask someone you’ve kissed before on what they think you could improve, emphasize that honesty is essential and you won’t get mad when they tell you the possibly not-so-fun-to-hear truth.

Check out her various websites for more of Violet Blue. And keep up the kissing.

Important information about female sexuality and orgasms

ACTION Magazine..October 1954..PAGE 11...the K...

ACTION Magazine..October 1954..PAGE 11...the KINSEY REPORT and YOUR WIFE..remember that no woman is AVERAGE .. (Love is blind and marriage restores your sight) .... (Photo credit: marsmet462)

Did you know that about 70% of women don’t achieve orgasm through vaginal intercourse? That is just one of the myths that Dr. Logan Levkoff addresses in her Huffington Post piece about female sexuality. Because sex is so taboo in many cultures, it’s easy for urban myths to spread through media, word of mouth and experience.

Dr. Logan Levkoff: 5 1/2 Myths About Female Sexuality.

Well, in case you want more info about how to make a lady feel real good, here is a video from Self Serve Toys that details female masturbation techniques on beautiful puppet. Watch the video, have your lady friend watch the video and then have her go practice on herself. Then once she has the feel of it, let her show you how she likes it. After that, you’re probably on your way to orgasm city.

Sex toys and the nasty things they are frequently made of

This video addresses the sketchy but common practice of putting carcinogenic chemicals such as phlalates in the majority of sex toys. But don’t let that get you down. There are quite  a few sex shops that only carry phlalate-free products. For a list of such stores, check out the Progressive Pleasure Club.

Toxic Sex Toys with Jennifer Pritchett from Smitten Kitten on Vimeo.

James Deen cultivates consent culture in porn, and looks good doing it.

James Deen attending the XBIZ Awards at Avalon...

The following is from a great WordPress blog, Female Gazing, that I found yesterday. This post is about porn star James Deen. Read and enjoy!

Why I’d Be Glad If My Daughter Was Watching James Deen

15 Mar

I recently started following porn star James Deen on twitter, reading articles about him and watching videos of him… being interviewed on ABC (Hi Mom!).  Oh, and watching him smack ladies around a little bit, but that goes without saying.

The Nightline segment makes Deen sound like the black mold lurking in your bathroom poisoning your family, an invisible threat, killing your children.

In fact I think James Deen is one of the most positive sexual influences your teenage daughter can have.

“I’ve been into rough sex pretty much my whole sexual life and so I’m not, like, bad at it,” Mr. Deen told me by phone last month, on his 26th birthday.“I don’t know how to say it without being a hideous prick, but I’m pretty good at having rough sex. It got to the point where a lot of girls who aren’t into that type of sex were afraid to work with me because they thought I was going to slap them in the face or something. But I only do that if the girl is into it. There’s no reason to choke somebody if they don’t like getting choked. Then you’re basically being an asshole.” [x]

I’d rather my daughter sneak around tumblr looking for gif’s of James Deen and explore her sexuality and desires with him than profess her love for Chris Brown.

Reason 1: If you develop an obsession with James Deen you start to google around for actual information about him as a person and then when you read interviews with him you realize that he’s actually a sex-positive feminist.

Reason 2: James Deen is a Jew and instilling a love for James Deen in my daughter means that she’ll look for other Jewish looking fellas – Ta Da Jewish grandbabies!

Reason 3: When James Deen is ‘working’ he is the physical embodiment of consent culture.  He is the most attentive partner a teenage girl is likely to see in this world.  In most of his videos this is visible in his continuing to do whatever fabulous thing he’s doing at his lady’s enthusiastic-consent-eyes/breathing/nod/whatever, but you always get the feeling that if she winced for just a moment he would stop the action no matter what the director said.

Reason 4: Kink.  James Deen likes (and is damn good at) rough sex.  What better way to explore what turns your crank than by watching Mr. Consent show someone a really great time.

Yes, I’d rather my daughter idolize Porn Star James Deen than Christian Bale, Nicolas Cage, Mel Gibson, or Bill Cosby.

Please, Nightline, join my team.

As far as the objection that legal minor/preteen/single digit is ‘too young’ to be viewing porn I’ll leave you with what my mother used to tell me when I was a kid:  ”If young people want to have sex, they’re going to have sex and there’s nothing you can do about it.”  Same goes for watching porn.