Beating it has never been better

I know it’s a little early for Easter present ideas, but this is definitely the kind of egg I would want in my Easter basket. Tenga is the Japanese company that makes the egg-shaped toy. It says it’s a masturbation tool, but it works great with a partner too!

Image courtesy of

In case you’ve never used a masturbation sleeve, they are generally a piece of soft, flexible rubber that have diverse tactile designs on the inside to increase the sexy sensations for whoever is using it. Add a little lube and you are ready for a stroking, I mean striking good time.

Since I don’t have the proper genitalia to be on the receiving end of the toy, take it from this WordPress blogger who reviewed  a different Tenga toy. If you are the one stroking your partner, take comfort in the idea that it can be just as much a turn-on for you to know you are pleasing your sex partner.

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