The cost-effective birth control for males

In India there is a possible option for male birth control that could last up to ten years and is a quick, easy procedure that still allows men to have regular ejaculations. According to the new birth control method was developed by “maverick Indian scientist named Sujoy Guha.” The procedure is called reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance, or RISUG.

“(He) has spent more than 30 years refining the idea while battling bureaucrats in his own country and skeptics worldwide,” according to the Wired article. “He has prevailed because, in study after study, RISUG has been proven to work 100 percent of the time. Among the hundreds of men who have been successfully injected with the compound so far in clinical trials, there has not been a single failure or serious adverse reaction. The procedure is now in late Phase III clinical trials in India, which means approval in that country could come in as little as two years.”

If you really want to see what’s up with the procedure, there is a video of it on the article.

The procedure involves injecting a polymer into the vas deferens, the tube that carries ejaculate into the penis for emission, but due to the polymer’s pattern of negative/positive polarization it destroys the sperm.

The website has a an interesting article and graphic about the procedure and why it’s going to have a hard time coming to the United States. Basically the procedure is extremely inexpensive. Even the chemicals used in the polymer, styrene maleic anhydride and dimethyl sulfoxide, cost less than the syringe a doctor would use to give the treatment, according to the article. All of that means there probably isn’t a good profit for pharmaceutical companies.

The article at reads, “Thanks to a novel collaboration between Guha and a San Francisco reproductive health activist, RISUG could soon be on the road to FDA approval in the US.”


Take a load off your day with a massage — a prostate massage

If you’ve got a penis you may have heard about your prostate. It’s kind of important. Well lucky for you, giving your prostate a massage during sex can increase sensation and basically feel real nice when you come. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality writes,

“The prostate gland is the size of a walnut. It is found in front of the rectum and just below the bladder, which stores urine. The prostate makes some of the milky fluid (semen) that carries sperm. The prostate wraps around a tube (the urethra) that carries urine from the bladder out through the tip of the penis.

During a man’s orgasm (sexual climax), muscles squeeze the prostate’s fluid into the urethra. Sperm, which are made in the testicles, also go into the urethra during orgasm. The milky fluid carries the sperm through the penis during orgasm.”

Just like how women have a g-spot, that if stimulated can make them ejaculate a clear fluid when they orgasm, men have their p-spot that has the same function, but most men can ejaculate without the prostate stimulation.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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Ladies, it’s time to let go of your porn inhibitions

Published in the University of New Mexico’s student newspaper, the Daily Lobo, on April 14, 2010.

Cover of "Porn for Women"

Sex doesn’t have to take one form or be done one way, and neither should porn. But it seems that a lot of porn is produced and made a specific way and there isn’t much variation. You’ve got your stars, who are cast for specific traits, and you’ve got your plot (or lack thereof), and you have the specific intended desires of the viewer, such as lesbian porn or anal porn. But most mainstream porn producers are leaving out a key demographic: women.

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Beating it has never been better

I know it’s a little early for Easter present ideas, but this is definitely the kind of egg I would want in my Easter basket. Tenga is the Japanese company that makes the egg-shaped toy. It says it’s a masturbation tool, but it works great with a partner too!

Image courtesy of

In case you’ve never used a masturbation sleeve, they are generally a piece of soft, flexible rubber that have diverse tactile designs on the inside to increase the sexy sensations for whoever is using it. Add a little lube and you are ready for a stroking, I mean striking good time.

Since I don’t have the proper genitalia to be on the receiving end of the toy, take it from this WordPress blogger who reviewed  a different Tenga toy. If you are the one stroking your partner, take comfort in the idea that it can be just as much a turn-on for you to know you are pleasing your sex partner.

If your interests include bikes and porn, check out Bike Smut

English: Beautiful girl on bike

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Bikes and sex-positive smut are two of my favorite things too! Few things are more important than sex and transportation.

The Oregon-based group Bike Smut is at it again with their new film-in-the-making “Bike Smut 6: Turning Trixxx”

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