For all you visual learners out there, here is a blowjob 101 powerpoint found on Reddit

Here is an entertaining PowerPoint about the basics of a blowjob. The link says it is a shared document, so I am only vouching for the information on this PowerPoint as of Saturday Feb. 25  at 2 pm.

I hope you enjoy it, but only if you are 18 years old or older because it does contain explicit images.

Planned Parenthood unveils safer-sex map that shows where people are using condoms

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When you get dressed for a date you probably take some time to make sure you’re looking good and have everything you need, but make sure you don’t forget a condom.

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A crack of the whip can shake up a dull sex life

Great book! Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind...

Great book! Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex (Photo credit:

There is something about the word kinky that makes me blush every time I say it.

It’s a great word. Kink comes in many forms such as fetishes, paraphilias and plain old curiosity.

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Toys, not just for kids

Publish in the University of New Mexico‘s student newspaper, the Daily Lobo on Feb. 15, 2012.

Sex toys don’t have to be pricey, shaped like an animal or bright purple — you have five of the best sex toys on each of your hands.

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Does your sex life suck? Then learn how to blow!

Published in the University of New Mexico’s student newspaper, the Daily Lobo on Dec. 07, 2011

If you’re in a relationship and have made the decision not to have intercourse, you and your partner can still have regular orgasms and maintain a type of sexual relationship.

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Masturbation is key to self knowledge

I wanted to change things up a little bit and write a column for those of you who aren’t having sex and want to keep it that way.

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