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#SGSC14 Recap: Kenneth Play

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up learning how to have sex, and we forget that sex can be play!


And that’s how some people choose to teach sex education, such as Kenneth Play. He teaches through private sex parties! What a fun job!

I met Kenneth at Sex Geek Summer Camp, and was blown away by his energy, intelligence willingness to share, learn and engage with people in a genuinely playful manner.

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Photo by Erin Tillman

Sex Geek Summer Camp: The Summer Camp You Wish You Went To

I just got back from the first ever Sex Geek Summer Camp and it was just as fun, mysterious, exciting and sexy as it sounds!

Photo by Erin Tillman

Sex Geek Summer Camp was produced by Reid Mihalko and took place at Abrams Creek in Elk Garden, West Virginia. It’s a five- day, sleep-away retreat to help people in the sex positive industries have a greater reach, be more financially and emotionally liberated and achieve more in their careers.

It’s also a whole lotta fun designed to help sex educators relax, skillshare, network and bond.

And it delivered 100% !

I’ll share the work of some of my fellow sex geek summer campers in this post as well as on this blog over the new few weeks, so you can get a sense of who comes to camp.



Part of my infatuation with the experience I had there was due to the camp setting. Most business retreats or conferences are held at hotels or convention centers. This was in the middle of lush, forests, next to a stream with swimming holes, far out of reach of city noises. All the workshops were held in a huge geodesic dome that graced us with beautiful lighting and sounds during the presentations, parties and quiet times. It was like spending five days in a sex positive city that just popped up in the middle of West Virginia. We were all glowing with sex positive geeky energy!



The other part of my experience that made camp worth it was the emotional sharing and intimacy/vulnerability trainings we shared. It was almost like a relationship-building course for strangers who all share common desires and goals. The entire focus and operation of the summer camp was an exercise in expressing yourself genuinely, finding community, asking for and receiving help and feedback in a truly intimate and safe way.

Maybe I’m not going to the right business conferences, but I’ve never experienced that level emotional and mental well-being after attending a work-related conference.

The wonderful Koe Creation

The wonderful Koe Creation

The flow of camp was unique because the ‘counselors’ (read: presenters) were constantly checking in with ‘campers’ to make sure the pace was OK and that we felt like we were getting the information we needed. There was a LOT of information to take in, so on days where we needed to spend more time talking about social media, for example, we found time to do some extra workshopping as needed.

Some of the presentation topics included making Youtube videos, genuine storytelling, the importance of modeling vulnerability, self-publishing, podcasting, revenue streams, building engaging presentations, branding, and more! Presenters included Cathy Vartuli, Rick Wilkes, Allison Moon, Sex Nerd Sandra, Pamela Madsen, Mac McGregor, Megan Andelloux, Carol Queen, Katrina Rainsong and more!

We made Youtube videos, had social media competitions, won sex toys as prizes, reviewed sex toys and ate delicious hand-made, wholesome food!



If you’re a sex educator, or someone who works in a sex-positive profession, or someone who is curious about the industry, I can’t recommend this event to you enough! You will meet people you want to build community with, learn skills you can put into use immediately and find a way to make pursuing your passion more sustainable. Did I mention you’ll probably win sex toys as prizes?

You can get more information about signing up for Sex Geek Summer Camp 2015 here!


#SGSC14 Recap: Erin Tillman

Check out The Dating Advice Girl Erin Tillman.Erin Tillman
From her website:

The single life can be tough but it doesn’t have to be! My goal as The Dating Advice Girl is to empower singles to have a happy, healthy, and enjoyable dating and social life through articles, interviews, and radio/tv appearances. As single people, we are so busy looking for ‘The One’ that we miss the joys of having a well-rounded social life. That’s where I come in! I’m here to help singles make the most out of their dating and social lives. It’s time to stop hating your single status and start embracing it!

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Dating and Hooking Up with Technology

Using websites and apps to find a partner is becoming a centerpiece of dating for people in the technology age.

But people aren’t just using traditional dating sites like and dating

Now many people are also using smartphone apps and other dating sites targeted toward a younger crowd who might just be looking for a date for the night instead of a long-term partner.

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